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Watch Out For The Lovebug

It looks cute enough don't you think? Well watch out because Valentine's Day is upon us and you might get bit by it! What is it you might wonder...well I think the two George's summed it up best in a fun song they both recorded separately called "Lovebug". Love songs can be slow and romantic or they can be fun and make you want to leap with laughter. "Lovebug" is the second. I imagine that The LoveBug looks alot like the above picture. Very non-suspecting with it's heart ears, heart shaped wings and cute little smile. All the while camouflaged in red and pink. George Jones first recorded this tune in 1965 and then George Straight recorded it in 1993. This tune has some valid points and is a cautionary tale about the trickery of The Lovebug. As the song begins we hear how the "Rooster" is pretty full of himself. Strutting around, ruling the roost with his head high in the air. He has all the Chicks to Himself! Oh geesh, really?. That is when he recklessly shared a kiss and a hug with a "Chick" and The Lovebug got him. I can just picture this young "Rooster" clucking around arrogantly in his self proclaimed "good style". What he discovered is something that many of us are lucky enough to already know. You can't run once The Lovebug has bitten you. You can not see The Lovebug, but you can feel it's zap! Love is electrifying. Sometimes in life you are bitten only once or you can be bitten many time. I was bitten a few times before getting a zap that has electrified me for almost 30 years. The power of the zap is not measured in years though, it is measured in voltage. If you are lucky the voltage will be enough to create some sweet memories. Love sure can make you do and say some interesting things- come'on you know what I mean. We have all done some pretty eye rolling things in the name of love. I prefer not to be specific here on this post, Ha!. But the main lyric a "Teeny weeny little thing called The LoveBug that has the whole world shook up" is so true. People in love, revere love. People not in love either want to be in love, are sour on love or are indifferent. If you are in the later two categories don't give up. Be open to love. There is no sense fighting it. Because when The LoveBug finds you, you will feel the warmth of it's zap from your head to your toes. And if The LoveBug has done it's job, then you will create amorous memories to last a lifetime . Happy Valentine's Day to everyone and keep a look out for The LoveBug! Valentine's Day is not just a greeting card holiday, it is what you make of it. So make it special, YOLO. Take a listen to both versions for inspiration, fun and enlightenment.

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